Chamber to operate DMV Licensing and ID Renewal Express Center


Frequently Asked Questions:


1) What is this?


The DMV has allowed licensing centers for more than 15 years being operated by AAA where people can come and renew their driver's license or ID. AAA in the New Haven and Fairfield County region stopped offering this service at the end of 2016. In addition, DMV closed its satellite offices in Milford and Derby in July 2017.

2) Why West Haven?


We are strategically located in the New Haven area. We have a downtown area that would benefit from an influx of people and this fits in with the mission of the Chamber. State Rep. Dorinda Borer brought the concept to us back in August after initial talks with the DMV and Governor's office.


3) How will this work?


There is a contract in place with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the City of West Haven for the service to be performed. This is a three-year agreement. There is a sub-contract between the City of West Haven and the Chamber to operate the facility. The city provides their space and the Chamber runs the operation.

4) How will the Chamber Operate it?

The Chamber has hired part time staff who are being trained in the DMV licensing renewal procedures. They passed an extensive background check and drug testing to be employed. We expect to be open Wednesday and Thursdays with an option on Tuesdays or Fridays. The times will be 9 am and closing the line at 3:30 pm.

5) Will Parking be an issue?

We don't think so. We are encouraging people to use the two municipal lots behind the former Silver's Drug Building on Main St or on Curtis Place.​


Generally people know where to park when coming to City Hall. For people, outside of West Haven, we think there will be some education and there will be plenty of signage. There may need to be enforcement around the Green and on Campbell Avenue. One of the reasons the Chamber is involved in this it to bring people to our downtown area.


6) What else do I need to know?

As of July 1, 2018, there is an $8 convenience fee payable to the West Haven Chamber of Commerce that is paid on top of any DMV fees paid

Current DMV License fees

Information to renew your License

We will not process New Licenses or IDs; CDL Licenses or Renewals; Exams; New Learner Permits, Registrations for cars, boats or trailers, Titles or Plates.

7) What transactions can I do?

License Renewals (including upgrading to a verified license as part of the Real ID act. Also, see image for comparison

Duplicate License or ID

Duplicate Learner Permit

Name and Address Changes - Name Change Info   Change of Address info


Checklist to upgrade to a Verified License  

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